Michael talks about shooting the Vanishing Point Collection


There are a few points that I think I'd like to make about this release.
1, Why I am limiting it to only 3 per piece? Why not 10? Why not only 1?

I honestly can't tell you an exact answer in relation to this question, all I can say is that 3 seems like the right amount in my heart. Maybe we can call it following my intuition?

2, How did you select these three specific pieces for release?

Again I'm going to put this down to intuition, and following my creative heart.

I've been searching my entire life for a composition where earth and sky blur so perfectly as the moment I captured in these three shots does. The first time I managed to be in the right place at the right time, I literally shed a short tear when I realized what I'd captured that day. I then stared and appreciated Mother Nature at her most peaceful glory and the total peace around me.


The second two happened over the last three years and both were unplanned and unexpected. I had been holding onto the shot that is now Vanishing Point I, for years just waiting to find the right time to release it. Vanishing Point III was shot in the fall last year. I felt like this was a milestone shot for me, and that should be important. Right?

To me, this collection is my way of making sure these three shots get the majesty and appreciation they deserve by the very VERY few who will own them.

 - Michael Pearson-Adams 

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Note from the Artist

"The lucky collectors who hang these art pieces in their homes, hopefully get as much out of staring at them as I did shooting them." - Michael Pearson-Adams